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Connects agriculture and forestry - biomass - biochar - tree planting (afforestation)
Household Energy - a tool to reach development goals
1.6 mill women and children die annually by fires and smoke
Use of firewood and charcoal - a major source of deforestation
Jobs for poor farmers and tinsmiths - manufacture (cook)stoves and fuel

The Peko Pe stove is part of a larger biomass energy system which can help create jobs and incomes in developing countries. This work is being spearheaded by the Norwegian NGO Miombo with their Green Solution Concept.

The Flame of Paal Wendelbo (part 1)


The Flame of Paal Wendelbo (part 2)


The Flame of Paal Wendelbo (part 3)

The Peko Pe was the first to be put into practical action based on pyrolytic gasification (TLUD ND) technology. Invented by Paal Wendelbo in the early 90’s. The stoves was named Peko Pe (No problem) by women in the Ajumani refugee camp because its use meant that they did not have to take long and dangerous trips out into the forest to collect firewood.

Paal Wendelbo and Otto Formo (Miombo) were in Washington DC in January, 2011 participating in the first technical working group meetings for the “Global Alliance for Clean Cooking Stoves